That evil may walk in fear...

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Suarez International Combat Pistol Instructor School
Suarez International Force on Force Instructor School 

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My name is Robert Auten and I am continually seeking new learning venues and expanding my knowledge of personal protection and want to pass that information and training to my students - helping them to become alert, skilled and confident individuals capable of winning the that evil may walk in fear.

-Kansas Attorney General Approved Conceal Carry Handgun Instructor
-NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
-NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside AND Outside The Home Instructor 
-NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
-NRA Certified Refuse To Be a Victim Instructor

Affiliated Instructor -  Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network

-Instructor Training:
-Thunder Valley Small Arms Academy - Defensive Pistol
-Thunder Valley Small Arms Academy - Combat Shotgun
-Suarez International - Close Range Gunfighting
-Krav Maga
-2013 Colorado Krav Maga Winter Camp - Living on the Edge
-John Whitman (KMA Founder, former President Krav Maga Worldwide) Seminar - Knife/Gun Defense
-Tactical Krav Maga Close Quarters Combat Course
-2014 Colorado Krav Maga Winter Camp - Singularity
-Attack Countermeasures Training - Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival Certified
-Krav Maga Instructor Development Seminar - Senior Master Longoria
-Suarez International Force on Force Instructor School
-Krav Maga Alliance Seminar with John Whitman - Gun/Knife/Third Party Defense
-Krav Maga Alliance Level I Instructor Course
-Suarez International Combat Pistol Instructor School
-Suarez International High Risk Tactics - Fighting in Structures School -Suarez International HRO 1 & 3 - Team Tactics and Rural Patrolling
-Suarez International - Fundamentals of Vehicle Gunfighting
-Suarez International - Combat Shotgun
        -NAUI Certified SCUBA Diver/Advanced/NITROX

OP-ED article on Concealed Carry on public Kansas colleges and universities

I conduct courses/instruction in and around the Manhattan, Kansas area.  If you live in a smaller community that does not have an instructor that offers Conceal Carry, firearm instruction, FORCE ON FORCE, or would like to arrange a Refuse To Be a Victim seminar, please contact me to discuss traveling to your area for a class and the logistics and requirements involved.

What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law

Surviving Mass Shootings

Active Response Training - I strongly encourage you to sign up for their newsletter!

Kansas Conceal Carry Course - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


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